What We Offer

Custom Design and Organize was created to help you take items that already exist in your home or office and organize your space to fit your needs. Organization does not have to cost a lot of money. There are creative ways to redesign your space with whatever you already have or by spending very little. We will help you organize any space no matter how big or small and do it to fit your budget. Pantries, closets, cabinets, desks, cars, complete rooms, or your whole house.

We also offer organization for your computer so that your files and photos are easy to locate. People often have to search for far too long to locate that favorite picture or that important receipt that is stored somewhere on the hard drive, but you have forgotten just where that is. We can organize what you already have and teach you how to maintain the perfect organization system so that finding what is important to you doesn’t have to take forever.

Along with organizing your space (or spaces) we offer our services to help you get your home ready to sell. We can show you inexpensive, yet powerful ways to improve the look and value of your home when you are ready to place it on the market.